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I am a User Experience and Visual Designer with a formal background in user-centred design with emphasis on research and user strategy. My foundation in visual design and graduate studies in visual experience design at SCAD complement my skills and helped me refine my work as a designer.

I pursued work across various platforms and disciplines intentionally and tried to marry the various disciplines I loved working and constantly attempting not want to shy away from solutions to problems because of unfamiliarity with a medium or discipline. This was mostly because I felt that content should always inform appearance rather than the other way around. I intend to continue my multi-disciplinary approach to graphic design and bring in my stellar organizational skills and analytical skills.

My experiences of working with HP and SCAD allowed me to work on a wide variety of collaborative, highly iterative and challenging projects. Experienced in leading user interviews, brainstorming sessions, design meetings and marketplace research, which in turn inform my wireframes, prototypes and high fidelity designs. Ability to work on stunning visual designs as well as the experience design underneath. I thrive in fast-paced, collaborative environments and can work on multi-tiered projects and manage multiple projects simultaneously.


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